Tome of Sul Ezad

Red tome with a cold chill radiating from book


Red Tome with a black lock stopping the book from opening.For each spell attempted from book a maddness save must be rolled for level of spell copies
for example, if a 2x 1st level a 1 2nd and 1 3rd level copied a negative roll must be made per spell using the examples above the individual would take -2 for the two first level then the person would also take a -2 for the second level spell and a -3 for the 3rd level spell. The total modified would be -7 modifier. If failed more than one the book or essence Sul Ezad will attempt to possess who has the tome. If successful, the essence of Sul Ezad will slay those around him and flee dropping the tome.


Tome was the personal property of the Sorcerer Sul Ezad. During his time he researched for key for eternal life. Through research on the occult and wizardry, he was unable to find what he sought. One day while traveling for another clue to immortality, a mist rose and surrounded him. Sul Ezad continued down the path for whispers come from the mist of promises of long life. He seeing the chance to continue on his pursuit willingly accepted. After his life ended, his essence became the book. Anyone who takes the book is tempted by spells which are the key to releasing the essence of Sul Ezad

Tome of Sul Ezad

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